Case Studies

Find out more about our work by reading stories from just some of the amazing children, families and volunteers we work with.

Brian’s story

I have found that volunteering with Doorstep Library has not simply been a question of what I can do for the children and families, but also what they have done for me. My fond memories of reading with my children, and then my grandchildren, are very vivid, but becoming ever more distant. I have been very grateful to rediscover this pleasure with today’s children.

Paul’s Story

“I used to think of Monday’s as my payback day but now I look forward to it as one of the best days of the week.”

Ravi’s Story

As the youngest of four children, Ravi got away with a lot. The general chaos of home meant he could easily slip under the radar without being noticed, without facing the wrath of his parents.

Nadiya’s Story

Doorstep Library has been visiting Nadiya and her family since May 2015. Visits with our volunteers, Laura and Marieka, were regular and lively, with all three children showing noticeable improvements in their reading. “Little Hari couldn’t wait to sit on...

Charlie & Chloe’s Story

Vickie knew the importance of being able to read well and she wanted her kids to be good readers. Yet reading wasn’t an activity she enjoyed or shared with Charlie (5 years) and Chloe (18 months). “I never had much...

Julian’s Story

Although Julian, aged 12, was surrounded by enthusiastic readers there was something hesitant in his own relationship with books. When Doorstep Library volunteers, Selena and Nick, first knocked on the door of Julian’s family home, ready with rucksacks full of...

Levi’s Story

Doorstep Library volunteers, Leslie and Penny, visited seven-year-old Levi every week to read with him and lend him books. However, Levi was reluctant to engage with the visits or the books that Leslie and Penny chose for him, although he...

Reya’s Story

Doorstep Library volunteers Karen and James have visited Reya since she was four years old, going to her home each week to read with her and her brother, and lend them both a selection of books chosen especially with their...