Isey Western-Williams

Isey was previously a volunteer in Hammersmith and Fulham, and joined the team in 2021 after spending two years working in a remote community in northern Canada. An Arts graduate, she has worked in various roles in childcare and education, and believes that all children should have access to stories in the same way she did as a child. As someone who is (mildly!) obsessed with books and reading, Isey always looks forward to sharing this love with families and volunteers each week and seeing children become more confident in themselves.

Isey’s favourite children’s book is The Garden by Dyan Sheldon.



Champions for Children 2021

There is still time for donations to be doubled thanks to the Champions for Children campaign through the Big Give! With Gift Aid, your donation of £10 can become £22.50 for Doorstep Library. Gifts of any size help us to reach our goal to raise a further £10,000 before midday, Tuesday 22nd June.



Please give what you can to help us support families who have been heavily affected by the pandemic and lockdowns. In families with less capacity to support home learning, children have fallen behind in their literacy, felt the impact on their well-being, and are facing limited life chances due to lost schooling.

Reading is the fundamental building block to further learning, development and achievement. The money raised by the campaign will help us welcome 700 new children to our services and train 150 new volunteers. With your help, we can continue to fuel children’s natural love of stories, fire their imaginations, and encourage their appreciation of reading.